Hi All,
i recently found a website that promoting a new service that can store image for your IP cameras.
i just give some comments about this service.
as i understand,the service is RM1 per day, meant RM30 per month.
i will find it is very expensive.
if it is provided for video recording, then it is fine.
but only provide with image storing.
this is far not worth for the price.
i do understand if you it as video storing, it needs very large bandwidth,
even possible, it will only able to store very bad quality & resolution video.
1) As all my Wireless Ip cameras provided with Motion detect with email.
"Whenever there is Motion detected, it will send picture to your email,
so that you can trace back next time"
as my suggestion, you can open a free email, like www.gmx.com,
4GB free email account, only for storing your IP camera's motion detected image file."
this is similar to the service that mentioned in the subject.
but it is free.
So, RM30 per month compare to "free"
from, tang