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Posted By: Kevin Wilkins
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Jun 18th 2019

Found this: http://www.foscam.my/forum/foscam-plugin-for-mac-os-latest-sierra-version/?p=1 and it brought me here.

I have a FI9821W V2.1 on a Mac system running High Sierra. 

I upgraded the camera Firmware: with UI:

I could not get past the screen 'Relogin after plugins are loaded'  I have been messing with this for about 7 hours now and it always hangs on the login screen and I cannot get past that. Tried in Chrome, Safari and Fire Fox all with the same issue. So I am typing this out as I do it, as a record in case I need to go through it all again. 

So, I downloaded the linked file from the Dropbox Link above, figuring its from 2016 and for Sierra verions, not sure if that will work with High Sierra or not. It downloads a file called 'Sierra plugins ('

I downloaded Keka.App and extracted the file, which gave me a file called 'plugins(’.

I went into MacIntosh HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins and deleted the file fsIPCamReg.bundle, which is the old plug-in.

From the Finder window I double clicked on and installed the 'plugins(' which replalced the file called fsIPCamReg.bundle in the MacIntosh HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder.

When viewing the camera through IPCamera Tool this rest the camera Firmware to: with UI:

I tried to upgrade the firmware and it crapped out the camera. I had to re-set the camera by the button on the bottom of the camera as the camera would no longer show up in IP Camera Tool. After the re-set I can hear the audio on the camera say ‘Welcome Foscam’. In this process I lost the WIFI connection and had to re-connect with LAN, then the camera showed up again in IP Camera Tool and now showed camera Firmware: with UI:

So now when I double click on the camera in IPCamera Tools I get the Foscam login page for the FI9821W V2.1. No more ‘Plug in not found’ notes. In fact it states, “Google browser has initially modified the current way of plug-in support, consequently, Foscam current plug-in can not be used on Chrome browser any more. Thus, Foscam release this new-Beta-version plug-in, which supports most of the functions, and with which you can continue to access Foscam IP cameras on Chrome. For full function of your IP camera, please use IE or Firefox browser to access Foscam IP Cameras.

Is that is good. So I opened up FireFox and entered the camera IP and “Plugins are not found, Click here to download” is noted again. I tried to login anyways and it says “Please re-login after installing the plugins.” So seems FireFox is a NO.

But hoping back to Chrome I was able to log in and access the camera and view the screen. But I want the camera to be in a static IP as I need to set up Port Fowarding to a static IP, so using IPCAmeraTools I changed the IP address to and when I try and double click on the camera to access it I get the “Plugins are not found, Click here to download” again. So changing it back to a dynamic IP at the same port and can once again access the camera. I do not get the “Plugins are not found, Click here to download” and can log into the camera.

Know I know there is a newer version of Firmware


I find myself a bit reluctant to upgrade those as this is the first time in about 11 hours not that I have been able to access this camera. But as I need this to have a static address, I guess I will start upgrading to see if it will fix my issue. Here’s hoping !

OK it will not let me upgrade to  Firmware: FosIPC_B_app_ver2.x.2.31.bin  using   IPCameraTool 

it says Alerts Error file of System Firmware !

Going to try upgrading the  though the camera interface. OK it accepted the FosIPC_B_app_ver2.x.2.31.bin firmware through the Foscam software. Will see if I still have access once it is complete.

OK, the Foscam Camera software came up without the ‘plugins not found’ note and I can log into the camera, but the camera feed is not displaying, its just keeps spinning loading. I am going to shut it down again. I unplugged and re-booted the camera, see if that changes anything. Nope, logged in but camera images are not coming up. Just a spinning screen thing. Cannot get into the setting to install the patch.

I want to install this patch.


So it seem to be stuck now. I can log into the camera, but cannot get to the SETTINGS tab or see video from the camera. So quit Chrome and re-booting Chrome.

Restarted Chrome, now I cannot log in again. Back to the “Plugins not found”.

One for now, will try this again later. Frustrating !



My toughts after all this:

I did all the recommended Firmware Upgrades

Step 1     Step1_FosIPCAll_B_sys_ver1.5.3.13.bin

Step 2    Step2_FosIPC_B_app_ver2.x.2.18.bin

then the FosIPC_B_app_ver2.x.2.31.bin that took me to and, all was good. 

I deleted the existing fsIPCamReg.bundle

I then installed the 'plugins(' and it rest the camera back to Firmware to: with UI:

Then throught the IPCameraTool is again upgraded the the Firmware with 

Step 1     Step1_FosIPCAll_B_sys_ver1.5.3.13.bin

Step 2    Step2_FosIPC_B_app_ver2.x.2.18.bin

and I had access to the camera at this time and could see the camera images.

But then I upgraded to 


and lost all comera access.


I will try to get back to this again later and think I will stop at the STEP2 versions when I had access and see if I can get that to work on the dynamic IP.


If anyone can offer up any addional comments it would be greatly appreciated.



(I will be back)




Posted : Jun 19, 2019
Posted By: Foscam Tech
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Announcement: For Mac OS user that recently upgraded to Sierra version, please uninstall your current plugin, and install below link for the new Foscam IPC component plugin for Sierra Version, Please download from below link: 


Posted : Sep 27, 2016