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Posted By: Foscam Tech Malaysia
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Joined Date: Aug 14, 2016

Hi All, 

Good day to you.

just share with you for Mr. Surendran Sivalingam case:

as finally his issue solved by changing his wifi router, due to old router not sufficient to the network bandwidth.

please go through below of our email conversation:


 Again many thanks for your reply. I changed the router to a more newer and powerful router and my problems went away. The NVR and camera is working well. No problems to report. The router previously used could not cope with the network load. 

On 11 Jan 2017 12:25 p.m., "Foscam Tech" <tech@foscam.my> wrote:
Hi Surendran, 
Good day to u. 
sorry for late reply. 
for the FN3109H NVR spec, 
it support 
1 cam view in 1080P
4 cam views in, 720P/960P
9 cam views in VGA
but always the recording support all in 1080P
so far we have no complain on slow for multi cams view for the NVR. 
may i ask  when u network access to NVR from PC,  is this issue happened? 
what i ll ask u to check is,  
restart ur router and switch then do test. 
and test with another network cable and network port from ur router... 
and as well for wifi connection from camera... 
is there many other wifi network nearby from ur neighbours? 
or if possible,  i can use team viewer software,  to remote control ur PC to do some checking on ur network...
and all our cameras support Onvif standard, 
if other better NVR support Onvif also can be used with our cameras as well.. 
from,  tang
Sent from my Samsung device

-------- Original message --------
From: Surendran Sivalingam
Date: 1/10/17 11:02 (GMT+08:00) 
To: Foscam Tech
Subject: RE: NVR3109H Poor Live Streaming 

 Thank you for your reply. I checked my NVR and it has the most current firmware. My camera are also upgraded. When I connect to the camera with desktop PC via the equipment search tool on the CD-ROM video streaming is smooth. On the NVR with Ethernet connection it is choppy and not smooth. I set the main stream and substream setting as your recommendation. I can also view my camera on my smartphone using foscam cloud App remotely the camera feed from both camera is smooth and clear. Only the NVR is having issue with live feed. We are a security company and wanted to trial this foscam NVR for our surveillance use. All network equipment like wireless router is within the same location and in close proximity so wi-fi signal is not a issue. 

On 9 Jan 2017 11:12 p.m., "Foscam Tech" <tech@foscam.my> wrote:
Hi Sir, 
Good day to u. 
thanks for choosing Foscam. 
May i have your Foscam camera and NVR firmware version, 
please upgrade it to the latest,  if it is not. 
FI9900P,  V2.x.1.32
NVR  V2.3x.x.13
and for FI9900P, 
i ll suggest main stream set to 1080P, and sub stream set to 640 x 480
for FN3109H,  support single view mode of 1080P, and all views mode not HD... 
but its recording are always full HD
and u may check the wifi signal strength on the camera detected as well as the NVR change port and cable to test it. 
foscam team. 
Posted : Jan 14, 2017
Posted By: Surendran Sivalingam
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Joined Date: Jan 9, 2017

I purchased a NVR FN3109H and two FI9900P wireless ip camera. I set up the IP camera to connect via wifi to a TP Link Wireless N Router (300mbps). The NVR is connected via a 10/100 ethernet cable to the router. Setting up the camera and NVR was straightforward and painless. However live streaming of the camera feed in 9 channel mode is poor with very low frame rate approx. 1 frame - 2 frame a second. In 4 channel mode the frame rate improved significantly to approx 10-15 frame a second. In single channel mode, frame rate is smooth. My main stream settings for both camera is 1280x720. Bitrate is 2MB, Frame rate is 15. I have installed a 3TB WD Purple Hard Drive for recording. Recording and Playback is smooth with no loss of recordings. My main issue is what settings will allow for smooth live streaming of video feed on the NVR. it is connected to a 17 inch display via VGA cable. 

Posted : Jan 9, 2017